Parking Lot Roof Wrap Party

May 20-21st is a weekend we all look forward to, the weekend of Southern Worthersee, in Helen, GA. This is a huge gathering of VAG enthusiasts from all up and down the east coast. A few weeks before this event, a couple of friends had contacted us about getting roof wraps. Due to time constraints, and busy schedules, Southern Worthersee, was our only option. So, Saturday after the show, we met back at the Helendorf Inn, and had a good old fashioned roof wrap party in the parking lot.

Aaron Ok’s Mk4 R32

Roof Color: Gloss Black

Mike Sabatino’s Mk4 Jetta Wagon

Roof Color: Black Carbon Fiber

Mike had a last minute idea to do the top of his bumper. This wagon is his daily work vehicle, and this was a great way to protect his bumper from any scratches from loading/unloading any cargo.

Parking lot roof wrap party was a success! Thanks to Aaron and Mike for being so patient as well as everyone who hung out, helped, and had a good time!

I have plenty of gloss black and black carbon fiber vinyl in stock. If you’re interested in getting your vehicle wrapped check out our contact us section and hit us up for more details.

Also, check out this video our friend, Josh Taylor, created from the event.

Photo Credits: Aaron’s R32- Aaron Ok

Mike Sabatino’s Jetta Wagon: Josh Taylor

Websites: Josh Taylor’s Flickr


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