The BangBox

With Simply Clean 3 just around the corner, the pressure is on for show goers to get their rides to SC3 “Concrete Status.” With that said, it was no surprise when friend and founder of Simply Clean, Nickoli Chin, hit us up with an idea to step up his infamous “BangBox” game. 

The xB we all know as the “face” of Simply Clean needed a face lift, a British Racing Green face lift.








A few late nights, a few good friends, and a few gallons of coffee later, we finally finished.

IPG Parts killed it with a fresh “khaki” powder coat for the modern lines, that really help set this color in motion.

Want an up close look at the Bangbox? Come out to Simply Clean 3 this Saturday and get a look at a few MadWraps projects. Stop by our booth!

Stay tuned for more updates from the show, as well as current projects:

Owner “Madface’s” 96′ Mk3 Gti  and Co-Owner Ashley Trav’s 97′ B4 Passat Wagon

Photo Credits: Jon “Hammer” Hanna, Nickoli Chin


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